Fight infection with vaccination

Vaccine boosts the defenses to a specific germ. This increases the capability to fight against infection. Vaccine increase immunity to fight the infection, whereas it also depends upon the dangerousness of the particular infection causing germ.
How does a vaccine work?
The immune system recognizes the vaccine as a foreign particle and creates an immune response to it, and it serves as an antigen that causes the immune system to respond to it. The part of the immune system which creates antibodies are known as humoral immune response, antibodies are specific to the vaccine and they have the ability to remember it so that if the same agent is seen again the immune response will be stronger and faster and protects the person from the infection.

There are two types of immunity they are: (1) Active immunity (2) Passive immunity

Infection and Immunity The attack of foreign organisms on a host body for its growth and development is termed as infection. The infection can lead to infectious disease…